How to stop Gravity Forms spam

How to stop Gravity Forms spam

Spammers repeatedly filling out your website forms can be problematic and annoying.

Before you start, make sure you know where the spam is coming from. You can do this by adding a descriptive notification email & referer tags on your forms.

Form Title

It's easy to have a Gravity Forms set up on an old PPC lander or an old staging server allowing spam form entries.

Here is how to stop spam form entries:

*You can do all steps at once, or one at a time until the spam stops.

Add a HoneyPot

A honeypot is an invisible field within the code. Humans cannot see the field, but robots can; if the field is filled out, the website knows it's a spam bot.

How to enable honeypots in Gravity Forms:

  1. In WordPress, go to Forms >> Select a Form >> Form Settings.
  2. Towards the bottom of the page, you will see Form Options:
  3. At Anti-spam honeypot, Enable anti-spam honeypot.
  4. Update Form Settings (Save).
  5. Repeat for each form you've created.
Enable anti-spam honeypot

Install Akismet

Akismet is a service provided by the creators of WordPress (Automattic). It is free for personal use, but businesses will need to pay a small fee.

To use Akismet, install the WordPress Plugin.

Akismet Plugin

Then under Forms >> Settings. Click Yes on Akismet Integration.

Akismet Integration

Google ReCaptcha

ReCaptcha is a free service provided by Google. It's usually my last option because, depending on theme setups, it could create errors. These errors are few and far between but still are known to happen on poorly developed themes.

To install, sign up for a v2 ReCaptcha key, entering the keys into Gravity Forms Settings.

Google ReCaptcha
ReCaptcha Settings

Things to remember for Google ReCaptcha:

  • Only v2 keys are supported
  • Checkbox keys are not compatible with invisible reCAPTCHA

Please note: If spam is backlogged in your email provider, it could take up to 24hrs for spam to stop coming through to your inbox.

Please contact me if you cannot get your website spam under control.