“Dank Memer Commands” is a collection of dank memey commands sure to make you say, “wtf?” This list includes the likes of dank memes like “foodporn,” “blacktwitter,” and even “tifu.” With this list, the possibilities for your next discord chat are endless. Before you start, The dank memer bot should be appropriately set up on your discord server.


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired Permissions
animalsSee a multitude of animals from various subredditspls animalsEmbed Link
awwSee some random cute thingspls awwEmbed Link
duccQuack quack!pls duccEmbed Link
ferretFerrets are pretty DAMN cutepls ferretEmbed Link
foxxySee some foxes!pls foxxyEmbed Link
gooseySee some cute goosies!pls gooseyEmbed Link
hootyboia command to see owls?pls hootyboiEmbed Link
hoppyboiSee some cute bunnies!pls hoppyboiEmbed Link
kittyLets see some pretty kitties!pls kittyEmbed Link
lizzyboiSee some cute lizzybois!pls lizzyboiEmbed Link
pupperSee some cute doggos!pls pupperEmbed Link
redpandaSee some cute red pandas!pls redpandaEmbed Link
snekSee some danger noodles, nope ropes, and snekspls snekEmbed Link


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired Permissions
auditSee who has made changes to Dank Memer’s config in your server.pls audit <page number>Embed Links
automemeSet up a channel to automatically post memes to every 5 minutes. To disable it, just run pls automeme again.pls automeme [webhook URL] [interval in minutes]Manage Webhooks
autonsfwSet up a webhook to automatically post porn to a channel, you nasties.pls autonsfw [webhook URL] [type] [interval in minutes]Manage Webhooks
autoresponseDecide whether to enable or disable certain autoresponses on this server.pls autoresponse [autoreponse choice]Read Message
disableUse this command to disable commands or categories you do not wish for your server to use. You can disable things per channel, role, or user. Disables are overridden by enables!pls disable [command | all] [#channel | role]Read Message
enableUse this command to enable disabled commands or categories. You can enable things by user, channel, or role. Enables will override disables.pls enableRead Message
losslogSee how you lost coins from your pocket.pls losslog <page number>Embed Links
prefixChange Dank Memer’s prefix for this server!pls prefix <prefix of your choice>Embed Links
premiumserverAdd or remove the current guild as a premium server, or leave the arguments blank to list all of your premium servers. You can remove a premium guild by its ID by specifying the ID after remove, like pls premiumserver remove [id], you can get the ID by listing your redeemed premium servers.pls premiumserver [add | remove]Read Message
serverconfAdjust server-specific settings such as family friendly mode.pls serverconf [option]Read Message
settingsAdjust user-specific settings and cool stuff such as dm notifications or tips.pls settings [option]Read Message


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired permissions
balanceCheck your coin balance, or someone elses. Shows pocket and bank.pls balance [@user]Embed Links
bankrobRob somebody’s bank! You’ll need multiple friends to join the heist. The more that join, the higher chance of success!pls bankrob <@user>Embed Links
begThis command is used to “beg” for coins. You have a random chance to either gain some coins (and sometimes items), and a random chance to get nothing at all. (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)pls begRead Message
blackjackTake your chances and test your skills at blackjack. Warning, I am very good at stealing your money. Learn to play blackjack [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB-6MvXvsKo). (Multiplier affects this command up to 100% max)pls blackjack <number>Read Message
buyBuy currency items from the shop. Some items are useful and give extended functionality, some are made just for selling/collecting, and some are only to FLEX on the normies!pls buy <item> [quantity]/[“max”]Embed Links
dailyGet your daily injection of meme coins. Doing this command more than one day in a row starts a streak which can get you more coins! At certain points in the streak you’ll also get free meme boxes!pls dailyRead Message
depositDeposit money into your bank account from your pocket!pls deposit <number>Embed Links
digDig in the dirt to see what you can find! Sometimes you’ll find bugs, sometimes more than just bugs!pls digRead Message
fishThis command is a virtual fishing game! You cast out your fishing pole (which you can buy in the shop), and have a chance to catch a fish! There’s also a slight chance to encounter a “boss”, which has higher stakes but higher payout if you win the mini-game!pls fishRead Message
gambleTake your chances at gambling. Warning, I am very good at stealing your money. Roll your dice against the bot, if you get higher than the bot you’ll win! (Multiplier affects this command up to 100% max)pls gamble <number>Read Message
giftThis command is used to share items with someone! To be able to use it, you must not be a “new user” of our bot to prevent cheating!pls gift <amount> <item> <@user>Read Message
highlowThis command provides a simple way to earn quick coins, by guessing if the number is higher or lower. (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)pls highlowRead Message
huntThis command is a virtual hunting game! Take your hunting rifle (that can be purchased in the shop) and take your chances trying to hunt for some animals to sell! Beware, there is also a chance to encounter a boss and it’s mini-game, which can have bad results upon losing.pls huntRead Message
inventoryCheck out your inventory, or someone else’s!pls inventory [@user]Embed Links
itemlbSee who in your server has the most of any one item! If someone is not showing up, they aren’t cached. They need to earn or lose the item in question to show up.pls itemlbRead Message
lootboxOne of the ways we support development on our (mostly) FTP bot is through selling lootboxes! This command will link you to where you can purchase them.pls lootboxRead Message
lotteryBuy a lottery ticket, a winner every hour, winner takes all that hour’s entry fees! Your odds of winning any given hour are 1 in however many people entered. If you win, you get a winning lottery ticket collectable item!pls lotteryRead Message
monthlyGet your monthly injection of meme coins.pls monthlyRead Message
multiplierCheck your current multiplier within the bot, including any secret multipliers you may have unlocked!pls multiplier [@user]Embed Links
petPurchase or interact with your own virtual pet! Some pets have better stats than others, which are reflected by their prices!pls pet [list | feed | pat | hug | wash | play | name | train | disown]Read Message
postmemesUse a laptop to post memes. Randomly on each command, there is a chance you will have an exploding meme (big payout) or a dead meme (possible punishment). There is no pattern, it is randomly chosen each time! (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)pls postmemesRead Message
prestigeThis command will reset nearly your entire currency profile (wipe coins, items, and more) in exchange for a higher multiplier, an exclusive badge, and a few items to get you started fresh with. Premium users have lower reqs to prestige.pls prestigeRead Message
profileThis command will show your, or another user’s, currency profile. There is also more detailed stats to see if you use flags. For example: “pls profile –help”pls profile [@user | –rob | –gamble | –badges | –gift | –share | –cooldowns | –commands | –help]Embed Links
redeemRedeem your cool donor rewards weekly! This is only usable by donors (via patreon) or server boosterspls redeemRead Message
removeUnequip or remove an active item. Note that you will not receive the item back after removing it.pls remove <item>Read Message
richSee who the richest users in your current server are! If you want a list that is a little more robber friendly, get the robber wishlist!pls richRead Message
searchThis command is used to gain coins and sometimes items! You can pick a location to “search” in for stuff. Each place has unique chances for coins or items, and a few also have the ability to kill you! (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)pls searchRead Message
sellSell one of your items back to the shop for a fraction of the shop pricepls sell <item> [quantity]Embed Links
shareShare some coins with someone! Two things to note: Your account cannot be new to using the bot to share, and there are taxes taken out depending on how much you are sharing.pls share <@user> <quantity>Read Message
shopSee what’s in the currency store! Every hour there is a new item on sale as well!pls shop [item]Embed Links
slotsTake your chances at a slot machine. Warning, I am very good at stealing your money.pls slots <bet, table>Read Message
snakeeyesYou make a bet, and you try and get snake eyes (which are two ones on the dice). One eye pays out 1.8x your bet, two pays out 10x.pls snakeeyes <bet>Read Message
stealTake your chances at stealing from someone’s pocket. Warning, you will lose money if you get caught! You can steal anywhere from 20% to 100% of their coins if successful! There are also multiple shop items (and pets) that can defend someone’s wallet, so be weary of that!pls steal <@user>Embed Links
useThis command is used to “use” a currency item. Not all items are usable, and some will be consumed on use.pls use [item]Read Message
weeklyGet your weekly injection of meme coins. This command is for premium servers, able to be set by $5+ donors.pls weeklyRead Message
withdrawWithdraws money from your bank. Cannot be used in the middle of a bankrob!pls withdraw <quantity>Embed Links
workThis command is a “work” mini-game! You can select a job from the list, and work on that job hourly for a payout! For the higher tier jobs, you will need to work a certain amount of hours before being able to unlock them. Most jobs can fire you if you don’t work the required amount daily, or if you fail the mini-games multiple times a day!pls work [info | resign | list | view]Read Message


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired Permissions
8ballAsk the magic (and kinda rude) 8ball about your future!pls 8ball <question>Read Message
clapMake the bot say whatever you want with sass!pls clap <what you want the bot to say>Read Message
dankrateSee how dank you are, 100% official dank scorepls dankrateRead Message
deletethis“deletethis” memespls deletethisEmbed Links
dootMake the bot say whatever you want with doot doots!pls doot <what you want the bot to say>Read Message
emojifyMake the bot say whatever you want with emojis!pls emojify <what you want the bot to say>Read Message
epicgamerrateSee how much of an epic gamer you arepls epicgamerrateRead Message
foodpornSee some food that makes your mouth waterpls foodpornEmbed Links
gifGet some sicc gifs to show how you feelpls gif search termsRead Message
googleSick of someone asking dumb questions? LMGTFY it for them!pls google search termsRead Message
greentextMake the bot say whatever you want with greentextpls greentext <what you want the bot to say>Read Message
hackHack your friends! Or your enemies… BTW if you think this is a real hack get your brain checked for smoothnesspls hackRead Message
howgaySee how gay you are (100% real)pls howgayRead Message
imagineImagine using a command to imagine somethingpls imagine <text to imagine>Read Message
killSick of someone? Easy! Just kill them! (we do not endorse murder yet)pls kill @userRead Message
leetifyB3C0M3 4N l337 h4X0Rpls leetify <what you want the bot to leetify>Read Message
lennyyou know what lenny is, everyone does.pls lennyRead Message
mockMock the stupid stuff your friend says!pls mock <text to be mocked>Attach Files
owoowo whats thispls owoRead Message
partyfrogMake the bot say whatever you want in party frog form!pls partyfrog <what you want the bot to say>Read Message
penishow big peepeepls penisRead Message
rankthotSee how thot you are (can be used in an official capacity)pls rankthotRead Message
waifuSee how good of a waifu you arepls waifuRead Message
roastSick of someone? Easy! Just roast them!pls roast @userRead Message
sayMake the bot say whatever you want!pls say <what you want the bot to say>Read Message
showerthoughtsThings to thing about in the showerpls showerthoughtsEmbed Links
simprateSee how simp you are, 100% official scorepls simprateRead Message
spoilerMake the bot say whatever you want in annoying spoiler form!pls spoiler <what you want the bot to say>Read Message
stankrateSee how stanky you arepls stankrateRead Message
uselesswebSee a random site from https://theuselessweb.com/pls uselesswebRead Message
vaporwaveMake the bot say whatever you want with a bit of vaporpls vaporwave <what you want the bot to say>Read Message


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired Permissions
fightFight to the death!pls fight [user]Read Message
gamelbSee the top 10 gamers in your server 😎 You can provide the name of any of the games in the Games category to see leaderboard information on that specific game. Defaults to trivia.pls gamelb [trivia | tic tac toe | fight | guess] [-all]Read Message
guessguessing game of the year 10/10pls guess [number]Read Message
tictactoePlay a nice calm game of tic tac toe with your matespls tictactoe [user]Read Message
triviaAnswer some trivia for a chance to win some coins.pls triviaRead Message


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired Permissions
abandonDisowned!pls abandon <something to make the baby say>Attach Files
achievementAm I the only one that didnt know minecraft had achievementspls achievementRead Message
affectget affected, REALLY AFFECTEDpls affectAttach Files
airpodsplaying some fine beatspls airpodsAttach Files
americaAMERICA, F YEAHpls americaAttach Files
armorNothing can get through this armor!pls armorAttach Files
balloonYou can’t pop this balloonpls balloonAttach Files
slapSlap someone shitless with this.pls slapAttach Files
bedlol rektpls bedAttach Files
bongocatsmack smack…pls bongocatAttach Files
booAAHHHHpls booAttach Files
brainidk what to put here tbhpls brain <item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4>Attach Files
brazzersSomeone have a spicy profile pic? See a hot new picture of Trump online? Add the Brazzers logo with this command to make it spicy hot.pls brazzersAttach Files
byemomQuick, mom is gone, what are you gonna search on google?pls byemom <something to google search>Attach Files
cancerthe picture doesn’t lie…pls cancerAttach Files
changemymindwell come on change my mindpls changemymindAttach Files
cheatingdon’t let the teacher see youpls cheating <item 1, item 2>Attach Files
citationgive someone a ticketpls citationAttach Files
communismCOMMUNISM, F YEAHpls communismAttach Files
confusedcatmeow?pls confusedcat <item 1, item 2>Attach Files
corporateFind the difference, just kidding there is nonepls corporateAttach Files
crabGenerate a :crab: rave memepls crab <text above the line>, <text under the line>Attach Files
cryLeik dis if you crye evertimpls cry <something to make blue guy cry>Attach Files
dabDab on the haterspls dabAttach Files
dankdank tbhpls dankAttach Files
deepfry😂👌💯🔥pls deepfryAttach Files
deletedelet this.pls deleteAttach Files
disabilitynot all disabilities look like youpls disabilityAttach Files
doglemonthis dog really hates this lemonpls doglemon <text>Attach Files
doorlol rektpls doorAttach Files
eggThere is no reason for this command, but here you go.pls eggAttach Files
excusemeexcuse me what the fpls excusemeAttach Files
expanddong🅱️onzi is backpls expanddong <item 1>Attach Files
factsIt is just a fact bropls facts <something to make the fact book say>Attach Files
failurelmfao u suckpls failureAttach Files
fakenewsCNN!pls fakenewsAttach Files
fedoralol rektpls fedoraAttach Files
floorthe floor is using commands in the right channelpls floor <something to make the floor>Attach Files
fuckscare the poop outta someonepls fuckAttach Files
garfieldclassic cat, classic memespls garfieldAttach Files
gayShow your gay pride!pls gayAttach Files
gogglesoogles and googles of gogglespls gogglesAttach Files
hitlerIt’s not offensive if it’s true, so use this wisely.pls hitlerAttach Files
humansgoodHumans are goodpls humansgoodAttach Files
inatordank meme bot-inatorpls inatorAttach Files
invertYour least favorite command is back!pls invertAttach Files
ipadauxim made me add thispls ipadAttach Files
jailSend your friends to jail!pls jailAttach Files
justpretendingThey were just pretending to be dead, let me prove itpls justpretendingAttach Files
kimborderwelcome to north korea mr. presidentpls kimborderAttach Files
knowyourlocationDank Memer would like to know your locationpls knowyourlocationAttach Files
kowalskihey you, take a look at thispls kowalskiAttach Files
laidfeel free to post to me_irlpls laidAttach Files
letmeinLET ME IIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNpls letmein <text above the video>Attach Files
lickidk why everyone here wants to lick thispls lickAttach Files
madethisI made thispls madethisAttach Files
magikMake something magik!pls magikAttach Files
mastergive the master your sword!pls masterAttach Files
noteIt is just a note bropls note <something to put on a note>Attach Files
nothingĄ̸̢̧͉̱̰̩͉͍̠͓̪͉̆͗̏̃͂̀̎́͂͠ͅB̸̡̢̡̨͉̺̯̯͖̬͈̫̱̘̙͆̑̈́̓̋́̈́̓̚͠S̸̜͉̏͐̆͒̊̃̎̽̓̇͛͂̋̃O̴̧̪̘͇͇̻̺̝̬͖̦͉͔̣͔̾Ļ̴̝̤̼̺̯̰̞̣̠̱͕̻̓̈̄̀͂̑͑͛̐͒Ú̴̡͖̦̱̺͠T̶̳͓̤͎̰̲͚̮̜́̄̀̉͗̾͑̑͝͝E̴̼̟͇̮̝̘͕͗́̈́̇̇̇̿̈́̽̔̕͜Ļ̸̨̛̦͎̐̋̾̉́͐̑͘Ỳ̶̰̲̥̗̰̞͂̎̐͜͝͝ ̸̛̣̘̣̬̩̔̉̅͊͜͝N̴͕͉̲̐̋O̵̧̡̡̡̲̦͇̙̝̫̲̯̊̍Ṫ̶̛͎̲̀̇͐̈́̅͊̈́̈́̃̐̇̒͝Ȟ̶̛̻̟̼̙̤̦̘̫̯̱̠͔͛̂̈́̾̓͋̾͌̃̕͜͠͝Í̶͖̝͌̃͑͋Ņ̷̭̮̪͉̪͒̊̈́̐͋̓G̵̻̭͈̟̯̲̦̦̿̍̑̋́̊pls nothing <item 1>Attach Files
ohnodog is stupid lolpls ohno <item 1>Attach Files
piccolohow it looks when your mom comes in without knockingpls piccolo <item 1>Attach Files
planidk what to put here tbhpls plan <item 1, item 2, item 3>Attach Files
presentationpresent this HUHpls presentationAttach Files
quotemake people say stuffpls quote <user to impersonate> <thing to make them say>Attach Files
radialblurMake things blurry and radial I guess?pls radialblurAttach Files
riprest in pepperonispls ripAttach Files
robloxwhat a noobpls robloxAttach Files
saltyYou seem salty to me, let me show you.pls saltyAttach Files
satanYou are satan okpls satanAttach Files
savehumanityidk what to put here tbhpls savehumanity <something to save humanity>Attach Files
screamsWHYpls screamsAttach Files
shitThe shit on my shoe!pls shitAttach Files
sickbanban this nerd plspls sickbanAttach Files
slapsroofthis bad boy can fit so many memes…pls slapsroof <something that will fit in this car>Attach Files
sneakyfoxsneaky foxes be sneakin foxilypls sneakyfox <text>Attach Files
spankSpank those naughty userspls spankAttach Files
strokehow to tell if someone is having a strokepls strokeAttach Files
surprisedI honestly have no clue what this command doespls surprised <text>Attach Files
swordthis is a large op swordpls swordAttach Files
thesearchThe Searchpls thesearch <what the person says>Attach Files
trashlol ur trashpls trashAttach Files
triggerUR SO TRIGGERED BROpls triggerAttach Files
tweetpretend you are tweetingpls tweet <something to put in a tweet>Attach Files
uglylol rektpls uglyAttach Files
unpopularyour opinion is bad and you should feel bad…pls unpopular <a bad opinion>Attach Files
violenceViolence is NEVER the *only* answerpls violenceAttach Files
violentsparksviolently spark this facepls violentsparks <item 1, item 2>Attach Files
vrGet that sweet sweet realistic vr imagepls vr <something to make virtual reality>Attach Files
walkingI’ll give ya something to walk aboutpls walkingAttach Files
wantedexcuse me ur under arrestpls wantedAttach Files
warpYour least favorite command is back!pls warpAttach Files
whodidthiswho did this 😂😂😂pls whodidthisAttach Files
whothisiswho is this foolpls whothisis <text>Attach Files
youtubesaying first is still funny…pls youtube <something to put in your comment>Attach Files


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired Permissions
4chanYes these 4chan posts come from reddit. Get over it, reddit is better.pls 4chanEmbed Links
antiantijokenot not even funnypls antiantijokeEmbed Links
antijokenot even funnypls antijokeEmbed Links
blacktwitterIt isnt racist, its just funnypls blacktwitterEmbed Links
chucknorrisLet’s learn about Godpls chucknorrisEmbed Links
comicsSee some s1ck new comics from the past weekpls comicsEmbed Links
createMake some hot new memes on your own!pls createAttach Files
discordmemeA random Discord-themed meme!pls discordmemeEmbed Links
facepalmImages that make you facepalmpls facepalmEmbed Links
jokeSee a funny joke. Dad’s love them!pls jokeEmbed Links
meirlsame tbhpls meirlEmbed Links
memeSee the top new memes on reddit!pls memeEmbed Links
memeeconomySee what memes are being invested in the most todaypls memeeconomyEmbed Links
prequelThe force is NOT with thesepls prequelEmbed Links
punAre they dad jokes, or are they puns? Is there even a difference?pls punRead Message
sequelThe force is NOT with thesepls sequelEmbed Links
surrealI really do not understand thesepls surrealEmbed Links
tifuYou really fucked up this timepls tifuEmbed Links
wholesomeGood wholesome memes for the heartpls wholesomeEmbed Links
xkcdGrabs a random comic from https://xkcd.com/pls xkcdEmbed Links


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired Permissions
4kSee some 4k nudes!pls 4kEmbed Links
analowo lewdpls analEmbed Links
bdsmI do not like to be dominated, but these people dopls bdsmEmbed Links
blackBlack is backpls blackEmbed Links
blowjobBlowjob, okpls blowjobEmbed Links
boobiesSee some cute ~~birbs~~ boobs!pls boobiesEmbed Links
bootyCome get you some ass.pls bootyEmbed Links
bottomlessMy dad use to walk around bottomless. It was nothing like this though.pls bottomlessEmbed Links
collaredyo ok whats thispls collaredEmbed Links
cumslutcumsluts, okpls cumslutEmbed Links
dpgirlsDouble penetrationpls dpgirlsEmbed Links
easterEaster based pornpls easterEmbed Links
yaoiyo ok whats thispls yaoiEmbed Links
gaypSee some 4k nudes!pls gaypEmbed Links
groupYou need group therapy after thispls groupEmbed Links
hentaiowo lewdpls hentaiEmbed Links
lesbianSo apparently naked guys weren’t enough for you. Have some girls.pls lesbianEmbed Links
pawgphat ass white girlpls pawgEmbed Links
peggedyo ok whats thispls peggedEmbed Links
pokepornWhy tf would someone want pokepornpls pokepornEmbed Links
porngifBasically a porn video but with gifspls porngifEmbed Links
tatswomen with tattoospls tatsEmbed Links
thighssexiness is held in the thighspls thighsEmbed Links
tinytiny porn?pls tinyEmbed Links
toysRelive your childhood, except very different!pls toysEmbed Links
trapsTRAPS!!!pls trapsEmbed Links
vdayvday based pronpls vdayEmbed Links
xmaschristmas themed pronpls xmasEmbed Links


CommandDescriptionUsageRequired Permissions
chooseDank Memer will choose something for youpls choose <item 1, item 2, item 3>Read Message
colorVisualize any hex or rgb colorpls color <rgb or hex>Read Message
editsnipeShows the last edited message from a specified channelpls editsnipeEmbed Links
gimmeboostIF you nitro boosted our server, use this to get your bot perks! Make sure to run this at least once a week to maintain your perks!pls gimmeboostRead Message
helpSee a list of commands available, all on discord. If you run pls help It will also give you more info such as a descriptionpls help [category | command]Embed Links
inviteGet an invite for the bot or to the support server. Also some extra links to use.pls inviteEmbed Links
linkLink your Discord account with Patreonpls linkRead Message
modhenlo, u stinky birbpls mod poopRead Message
notificationsView your notificationspls notifications [view]Read Message
partnersSee some partner servers where there is a lot of Dank Memer usagepls partnersRead Message
premiumSee how you can donate to the bot to support the development and get some sweet perks!pls premiumEmbed Links
removemydataReset all your datapls removemydataRead Message
rulesSee Dank Memer’s rulespls rulesEmbed Links
selfharmA command to get help with self-harm or suicidal thoughts, it’s NOT a joke to us.pls selfharmRead Message
serverinfoSee info about this serverpls serverinfoRead Message
snipeShows the last deleted message from a specified channelpls snipe [channel]Embed Links
statsReturns basic information and statistics about Dank Memer.pls statsEmbed Links
supportinfoReturns basic information and statistics about Dank Memer for support staff to help with.pls supportinfoEmbed Links
taxcalcCalculate tax on a number according to dank memer tax ratespls taxcalc <quantity>Embed Links
userinfoSee info about somepls userinfo <@user>Read Message
voteGet the links to vote for Dank Memer in exchange for cool rewards!pls voteRead Message
websiteCome check out our website!pls websiteEmbed Links
whatshardSee what shard your server is onpls whatshard <server id>Read Message

I hope you enjoyed this list of dank memey commands for discord bots. If there are any more that I missed, please let me know in the comments below or on my social media channels and I’ll add them to this post!

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