Creating a staging server to test how your site will look before it goes live is one of the most critical steps in web development. You want to ensure you’ve covered all bases, and WPEngine can help with that too. This article will walk you through creating a staging server using WordPress Engine.

Here is how to set up a staging server in WPEngine:


Log into WPEngine, click on Add Staging Button

add staging

Open the Setup window

In the new setup window:

  • Select the Copy Existing tab
  • Name the environment (add a unique name)
  • Select an environment to copy from (Select your Production Environment)
  • Select a backup to use (latest backup)
copy from existing

Generate the new installation

Wait for the Staging Server to generate, then login to the server using the same credentials you used for the production website.

If you aren’t sure where your new site is, you can find the URL under Domains.

domains and redirects


  • What is a Staging Server?