A PPC lander is a webpage that advertises products or services linked to your pay-per-click advertisements. Having an engaging and informative landing page is essential to convert your visitors into customers. This blog post will show you how to create a simple but effective PPC lander with WordPress.

The Easiest Way

The easiest way to create a landing page is by no-indexing a standard page, but this process is typically lackluster in appearance.

no index a page in Yoast Plugin

The Most Straightforward Way

Create and install WordPress on a subdomain (e.g., help.domain.com) with a custom theme. The advantage of this is it’s easier to create and deploy; the disadvantage is that you now need to maintain two WordPress installations, and you might have to pay for two hosting installations.

The Expert Way – All under one roof

The expert way to install a PPC Lander on your current website:

  1. Install Custom Post Types Plugin

    Custom Post Types Plugin

    Install the Custom Post Types Plugin, this plugin adds the ability to segregate your landing pages under it’s own silo.

  2. Create a unique Post Type Slug

    post type slug

    Create a unique Post Type Slug to organize your PPC landing pages.

  3. Add Template Hierarchy to your Theme

    Template Hierarchy

    Adding Template Hierarchy tells your theme which unique files to pull for the pages style and structure. This is where you will want to add custom designs to have a unique theme within your primary WordPress installation.

    You will want to use a unique HTML/PHP template to create a captivating page. You can find some great themes on Bootstraps themes page.

  4. Install ACF Plugin

    acf pro

    The Advanced Custom Fields Plugin allows you to incorporate PHP Blocks, Repeatable Fields, Page Building tools, Media Galleries and Custom Options Pages.

    This plugin allows you to add unique content to each PPC lander page.

  5. Install PerfMatters Plugin

    perfmatters script manager

    If you notice the styling is off on the pages, this can be caused by the primary theme over-writing your pages CSS styling. Install PerfMatters, or disable the primary theme on these Landing Pages to remove the unwanted CSS.

    You can use regex to select which pages you want the CSS disabled on.

    e.g., /\/lp\//

  6. Populate your Pages

    ppc lander

    Fill out your pages with unique content.

  7. No index and install Analytics

    no-index ppc-lander

    Last step is to set all PPC pages to No-Index in the Yoast Plugin. Not forgetting to add your Google Analytics and Call-Tracking-Metrics to these PPC landers.

Migrating PPC Landers to new projects

Once created, you can repurpose these PPC landers for different projects. All you need to do is:

  1. Migrate and activate Custom Post Types (CPT), Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), PerfMatters, Gravity Forms (if used) plugins to the new WordPress Installation.
  2. Export/Import the plugin settings and pages to the new website. Each plugin has its own import/export tools. The pages can be exported using WordPress Export/Import.
  3. Move the template hieracy files (e.g., single-lp.php) using FTP to the new server.
  4. Check for errors or missing content.

Please let me know if this article helped or if I missed anything.