Here is how to accurately track phone calls in Google Tag Manager:

Install GTM if you haven’t already, placing the header script as close to the <head> as possible, then the secondary script directly after the opening <body> tag.

If you have absolutely no experience with GTM, please try to follow the screenshots as closely as possible. This tutorial was written for Intermediate to Advanced Users.

  1. Universal Analytics Tag

    google analytics

    Under Tag Configuration – Select Google Analytics: Universal Analytics Tag

  2. Events

    Google Analytics Events

    Set the:

    • Track Type to Event,
    • Category as Phone Call (or whatever works best for you),
    • then Action {{Click URL}} (this tells you want URL was clicked)
    • and Label {{Page URL}} (this tells you want PAGE it was clicked on)
  3. New Variable

    gtm Variable

    Add a Google Analytics New Variable (if not previously setup):

  4. Tracking ID

    Variable Configuration

    Add your UA Tracking ID. This can be found in Google Analytics under:
    Admin >> Tracking Info >> Tracking Code

  5. Choose a Trigger


    Save + Choose a Trigger – click on the plus symbol in the top right corner.

  6. Just Links


    Choose Trigger Type – Select “Just Links”

  7. Some Link Clicks

    some link

    In Trigger Configuration – Select “Some Link Clicks

    Select Click URL >> Contains >> adding tel: to the last input window, shown in the screenshot above. This ensures only telephone links are tracked.

  8. Choose Built-In Variable

    click URL

    Under “Fire this Trigger” select Click URL under Choose Built-In Variable…

  9. Publish

    GTM settings

    Last step: Double-check settings + Publish Tag manager by clicking the Submit button to have the changes take effect.


If you have any questions please let me know by contacting me over leaving a comment below.