Here is how to accurately track phone calls in Google Tag Manager:

Install GTM if you haven’t already, placing the header script as close to the <head> as possible, then the secondary script directly after the opening <body> tag.

If you have absolutely no experience with GTM, please try to follow the screenshots as closely as possible. This tutorial was written for Intermediate to Advanced Users.

  1. Add a New Tag

    new tag

    Add and name a new Tag

    Google Tag Manager

  2. Universal Analytics Tag

    google analytics

    Under Tag Configuration – Select Google Analytics: Universal Analytics Tag

  3. Events

    Google Analytics Events

    Set the:

    • Track Type to Event,
    • Category as Phone Call (or whatever works best for you),
    • then Action {{Click URL}} (this tells you want URL was clicked)
    • and Label {{Page URL}} (this tells you want PAGE it was clicked on)
  4. New Variable

    gtm Variable

    Add a Google Analytics New Variable (if not previously setup):

  5. Tracking ID

    Variable Configuration

    Add your UA Tracking ID. This can be found in Google Analytics under:
    Admin >> Tracking Info >> Tracking Code

  6. Choose a Trigger


    Save + Choose a Trigger – click on the plus symbol in the top right corner.

  7. Just Links


    Choose Trigger Type – Select “Just Links”

  8. Some Link Clicks

    some link

    In Trigger Configuration – Select “Some Link Clicks

    Select Click URL >> Contains >> adding tel: to the last input window, shown in the screenshot above. This ensures only telephone links are tracked.

  9. Choose Built-In Variable

    click URL

    Under “Fire this Trigger” select Click URL under Choose Built-In Variable…

  10. Publish

    GTM settings

    Last step: Double-check settings + Publish Tag manager by clicking the Submit button to have the changes take effect.


If you have any questions please let me know by contacting me over leaving a comment below.