Have you noticed that your CPT categories aren’t working anymore for some reason? Well, don’t worry! You can fix this problem by following these easy steps.

  1. Confirm the Error

    Confirm the Error, you should see an error that says this:

    Sorry, no content matched your criteria

    Sorry, no content matched your criteria
  2. Custom Post Types Settings

    In Custom Post Types, Settings:

    Ensure Capability Type has post written in the field.

    Capability Type: post
  3. Enable Categories & Tags

    Next, make sure Categories, and Tags are checked off on the bottom of the screen.

    Categories and Tags
  4. Lastly, add this code to functions.php. This will enable WordPress to create the category and tags archive.

    Don’t forget to replace ‘Replace-Me-With-Your-CPT’ with your actual Custom Post Type. e.g., I used ‘security in my code instead of the placeholder text.

    After performing these 4 steps, I was able to get my CPT categories working again!

    problem solved

Please let me know if you run into any issues fixing this error, or if you have anything to add to this article to help more people.