As we near closer to the impending arrival of the global accessibility to the internet, only the U.S. government’s efforts towards obtaining the atomic bomb rival the amount of time and effort invested in innovation and R&D (Research and Development) regarding cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is the protection of computers and their data from malicious software attacks.

Information Security is a fundamental aspect of cybersecurity.

Information Security sometimes shortened to InfoSec is designed to mitigate information risk factors for users online. Infosec specifically focuses on protecting and restoring user data and information. InfoSec. uniquely provides online users with easy-to-access software programs and implementable, alleviatory risk techniques.

Here are some of InfoSec’s most useful tools;

OpenVAS: a vulnerability scanning and management software that is free to use and licensed under the GNU General Public License.

SQLmap: an open-source software used to detect vulnerabilities in databases.

AIRCRACK-NG: a software network for Wi-Fi security, wireless network monitoring, and data recovery

MALTEGO: is a type of proprietary software created for open-source data mining.

OpenSSH: a suite of network utilities that provide secure channels over unsecured networks in client-server settings.

Nessus: a scan technologies system designed to detect vulnerabilities in operating systems, network devices, supervisors, databases, web servers, and critical infrastructure.

Zed Attack Proxy: an open-source web application security scanner with Flexible Scan Policy Management.

OWASP ZAP: is a security scanner for web applications. The scanner is being scanned into 25 languages internationally.

WireShark: a free open source information analyzer used for software development.

Metasploit Packet Analyser: also known as a packet sniffer is a computer program that intercepts traffic that passes over a digital network.

John the Ripper: a password cracking software that runs on fifteen different platforms.

Nmap: an open-source software network used to discover hosts and services by analyzing packet responses.

Burp Suite: a tool for testing application security. Written in Java and has three additions.

Useful Infosec Tools
Useful Infosec Tools