Isaac Consulting is focused on providing cybersecurity services for your networks. Penetration testing is a way to assess vulnerabilities within your organization’s network architecture, including servers, network equipment, applications, operating systems, and other services. This form of testing is an effective method of determining the effectiveness of your detection and monitoring systems.

Conducting regular penetration testing is necessary to test your network defenses systematically. By doing so, you’ll be able to strengthen the security of your network assets by pinpointing misconfigurations and vulnerabilities within your systems. We emulate the techniques and tactics of real-world attackers that are actively looking to exploit high-risk, high-value assets within your enterprise.

Businesses will need to conduct internal self-assessments to determine if there are any gaps or weaknesses before purchasing any cybersecurity implementation. This will help develop a plan for a way forward in hardening network defenses to comply with industry standards.

Log Management & Analysis

The Wanna Cry attack of 2017 was one of the worst occurrences of a cyber attack aimed at institutions worldwide; one of its most notable victims being the British National Health Service. It is a malworm that infiltrated computer networks with older computers that lacked security updates that Microsoft had available for Windows 10 operating systems. This stresses the importance of having computers within your networks regularly update, while simultaneously ensuring logs are checked frequently to look for any patterns of suspicious activity within the enterprise.

File integrity monitoring and security configuration management are used in concert with each other to reduce the attack surface of a network. The caveat is that businesses will have no idea how to secure their enterprise unless having an idea as to what is currently happening along with what has already occurred within their environment. To achieve that visibility, companies will need to turn to log management and analysis.

Log management and analysis is a method used by security experts to observe suspicious activity or trends that occur within a network. They encompass both network and system logs that can provide analysts with a picture of what’s happening within the enterprise. In terms of high-level overviews, each

The log management process consists of five parameters that enterprises should follow:


Encrypted channels will need to be utilized for logs to be transmitted. Ideally, there should be multiple methods available with which to collect logs, while optimally using the most reliable means possible. Enterprises should lean towards agent-based collection since this method is more secure and dependable than its agentless counterparts.


Any logs that are gathered from workstations will need to be stored in a secure repository. Also, these logs will need to be preserved, compressed, encrypted, and archived to prevent any sort of tampering. Additional functionality can be found for log management as to where companies can store their logs geographically. This specific feat can help ensure scalability while meeting compliance standards.


Companies need the ability to recall logs wherever they are stored, so they’ll need to be index in a manner where they can be found via API, plaintext or REGEX queries. They can optimize log searches with filters and tag classifications through a comprehensive log management solution. This capability should also allow organizations to conduct broad and detailed queries, compare multiple queries simultaneously, and view these raw logs.


Rules would need to be created to detect events of interest, triggering automated actions within the network. In truth, most events don’t occur on single hosts through just one log. It is for that reason alone that companies will need a log management solution that allows the creation of correlation rules based on unique threats and requirements based on working environments. They’ll also need a tool that will enable imports from other data sources such as asset inventories and vulnerability scans.


Lastly, companies will need to be able to send log information to different groups and users via email correspondence, dashboards, and reports. This log management solution should facilitate these data exchanges between the security team and other systems nested within the enterprise.

File Encryption & Protection

Data security will pose massive challenges for your organization. Cyber attacks will often search for ways to breach networks by using an attack vector at their most vulnerable points. It only takes one weakness for a hacker to successfully infiltrate and hack a network, causing damage by elevating privileges, stealing public or personal data, or even lockout users from their own network.

It is quickly becoming the practice to keep any private information off the network to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974 due to the sensitivity of the data.

Vulnerability Scanning Services

Isaac Consulting uses specialized tools to scan and assess vulnerabilities within your network. We also go beyond merely utilizing scans; we help you identify risk areas within your network, analyze the scan results, customize reporting, and coordinate the necessary remediation actions to harden your system.

You’ll be able to have access through our proprietary threat intelligence and utilize processes to detect potential exploits within the enterprise, including servers, web apps, databases, network devices, and other essential assets – either through the cloud or on-site. The services that encompass our vulnerability services include:

  • Vulnerability program management
  • Managed vulnerability scanning
  • Managed web app scanning
  • PCI scanning
  • Policy compliance

Incident Response Services

Any incidents that occur on a network are a severe matter. Isaac Consulting has incident response handlers at your service any time you need them. We utilize advanced analytics coupled with endpoint and network sensors, providing a security package that can be scaled quickly. All of our incident researchers and responders are seasoned and accredited and are prompt to respond and provide support to your calls.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters are prone to happen, and building a disaster recovery plan is a complicated affair based on the size of the network. While there’s a likelihood that you already have a predetermined offsite area where critical data is stored, there remains the matter of having to retrieve the information if the need arises. You cannot 100% ensure that your program will help you get your data back based on the SLAs, and there’s a chance this lack of recovery policies and procedures will not comply with external and internal regulations.

Therefore, you’ll need a plan to ensure that your company will be able to recover from disasters. You’ll need to provide your plan works and that your business information remains secure. A recovery plan is a great way to prepare for the worst, but that plan will also need to be reviewed, tested, evaluated, refined, and implemented within your business to ensure that it works when the need arises.

Disaster Recovery Support

Isaac Consulting provides disaster recovery support through knowledge and expertise to develop and test a disaster recovery plan, giving you confidence that your organization’s data is protected, and that the business will be back up and running regardless of whatever disaster or unplanned disruption occurs within the enterprise. Our disaster recovery experts can help you explore different disaster scenarios, along with determining what the business implications will be based on each one. We’ll help establish a vault to secure your data to along with running disaster recovery tests based on priority criteria for your data.

Disaster Recovery Consulting

When disaster strikes your enterprise, will you be able to recover from it?

We will help you create a process and plan based on the business’ recovery strategy. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of working with a partner that has standardized procedures, technical expertise, and the national footprint you can rely on should a disaster occur. Our disaster recovery solutions enable you to quickly recover critical business information in hours, via SLA guarantees, to keep employees productive and the enterprise up and running.

Managed Security Service Provider

As a managed security service provider, we will maintain your network security 24 x 7 x 365. Here is an overview of the types of services supplied to you as an MSSP:

Security management: Our cybersecurity services are laser-focused in cyber threat intelligence coupled with expertise to comply with industry standards while guarding valued investments. Data protection is coupled with administration and continuous security monitoring for a robust computer network defense package.

Security monitoring: Real-time monitoring services 24 x 7, coupled with analysis of your environment, and able to differentiate between actual threats vs. false positives.

Advanced threat services: Focused on preventing threats from occurring while leveraging cyber intelligence capabilities to mitigate risks that cannot be stopped.

Vulnerability management: Execute regular scan audits both internal and external of your network.

Contact us if you have specific questions about any of the services we provide.