Last year saw an estimated 1,244 US data breaches with over 400 million records exposed. Are industries better prepared this year to defend against attack?

An essential part of strong security is knowing the year’s top cybersecurity threats. This includes familiar threats like ransomware and unfamiliar threat trends too.

Digital trends like the Internet of Things will see a boost in popularity in 2021. Also, attackers will target cryptocurrency exchanges and GDPR remediation.

As a security leader, you need to prepare for innovative hacks that might be coming your way. Here are five cybersecurity threats that you need to take seriously this year.

Top Cybersecurity Threats to Watch out for in 2021

Last year we gained the GDPR and a lot of experience dealing with data breaches. It might seem like companies today will be better prepared, but think again. Here are five important cyber threats to protect against as you continue into 2021.

1. Internet of Things (IoT) Threats

Both small businesses and major companies are jumping onto the IoT bandwagon. They’re adding smart devices to their security structure in hopes of boosting protection. The problem to watch out for is when hackers target your IoT devices because they aren’t properly managed and updated.

2. Mobile Malware

Mobile devices aren’t a new target for security attackers. This problem is rooted in poor mobile device management (MDM) that leaves employee devices exposed to malware. Companies should check their cybersecurity fundamentals so that employees get updated anti-malware solutions.

3. Threats to the Cloud

Cloud storage is the new thing for data in 2021. This means companies are moving their sensitive data to the cloud instead of using traditional methods. Hackers are going to target cloud storage because of the massive amounts of valuable information that they contain.

The solution? Be picky when you choose a cloud provider. You should also enforce your encryption system threefold so that hackers can’t get in.

4. Targeted Cryptocurrency Transactions

Cryptocurrency transactions are becoming commonplace. It’s predicted that 2021 will see institutional money entering the market. When this type of transaction becomes normal for businesses, attackers see it as the perfect target.

Malware will become more sophisticated as new strains are added to an attacker’s arsenal. It will be a huge challenge this year to keep track of infected systems. Also, companies may struggle to prevent new malware strains from mining coins.

5. Cryptojacking

The explosion of ransomware attacks in recent years has led to “cryptojacking.” This attack uses invasive methods of accessing data for profit. It’s a quieter method than typical ransomware and runs in the background of devices and servers.

Small businesses who used to think they were safe against ransomware attacks are now prime targets. In today’s cyber landscape, it doesn’t matter how big or how small your organization is.

If you use computers, online resources, and applications, then you’re a target. Cryptojacking is an easy tactic for attackers and a major threat to all companies.

Reinforce Your Company’s Safety

Cybersecurity threats advance as quickly as annual security tactics. How do you prepare? Install intrusion detection software to protect your company from top cybersecurity threats.