Are you looking for a way to increase your website conversion rates? CrazyEgg is an easy-to-use heat map software that reveals visitor behavior on your site. In this post, we will show you how to install CrazyEgg using Google Tag Manager and discuss its impact on improving conversions.

What is CrazyEgg?

Crazy Egg is a web-based application that provides A / B Testing and mouse-tracking tools such as Heat map, Scroll map, Overlay, and Confetti to track website traffic. Website tracking helps you understand your customers’ interests to boost traffic.

If you don’t have a CrazyEgg account, you can signup for a free trial.

How to install CrazyEgg using Google Tag Manager


log in to Google Tag Manager

Login to GTM
Login to GTM

Select your site

Select the website you want to install Crazy Egg’s Tracking on

Add a Tag

Add a new Tag

New GTM Tag
New GTM Tag

Name the Tag

Name the new Tag (e.g., CrazyEgg)

Configure Tag

Click on Tag Configuration

Select CrazyEgg

Select CrazyEgg from the sidebar menu

crazyegg tag
Select CrazyEgg from the menu

Enter a Unique ID

Enter your unique ID number from CrazyEgg. You can find the unique ID number from “install CrazyEgg” in the left sidebar menu in CrazyEgg. Select GTM installation.

Crazy Egg Tracking Script
Crazy Egg Tracking Script

Select Trigger

In GTM – Choose a Trigger

Add a Trigger

Click on the plus symbol in the top right corner.

Name the Trigger

Name the Trigger (e.g., CrazyEgg Trigger)

Configure Trigger

Select Trigger Configuration

Enable Page View

Pick “Page View” from the menu.

Track “Some Page Views”

Click on “Some Page Views.

Add Pages

Add Pages you wish to track. Tracking scripts can slow down your website, so it’s best to use it only on the pages you need it on.

GTM Trigger
GTM Trigger


Save your work.

Publish the GTM

What does this mean for you? CrazyEgg is an easy-to-use heat map software that reveals visitor behavior on your website. If there are any layout problems or elements of the site that could be causing visitors to leave without converting, then those issues can easily be identified using CrazyEgg and corrected accordingly. If you want to learn more about this powerful tool, don’t hesitate to contact me personally! I’m always happy to help fellow marketers get more conversions online!


  • What is Crazy Egg?