Do you have a signature that you like to use when sending emails? It’s so easy to set up your own custom HTML signature in Apple Mail. Here is how to add an HTML email signature.

  1. Open Preferences

    apple mail preferences

    On your Mac, with the Apple Mail application (program) open >> select Preferences, this setting can be found under Mail in the Top navigation.

  2. Create a new Signature

    create an html signature

    Under the Signature tab, Create a new empty Signature by pressing the + symbol in the email account you want to add it to.

    Add some descriptive text to the signature so its easily identifiable in step 6.

  3. Close Apple Mail

    close apple mail

    Turn off / Close the Apple Mail application.

  4. Open Library in Finder


    In the Top Navigation (Top of the screen. The Nav bar should say “Finder” on the left as the first item after the Apple symbol), click on Go in the navigation.

    While pressing the Option” key on your keyboard; the Library row will appear in the navigation dropdown.

    Then Click on the Library list item, while continuing to hold the ‘option’ key.

  5. Open mailsignature file


    Once the Library folder opens, click on the Mail folder >> then look for the V7 folder (or V8 depending on your OS version), following the folders until you reach the signature file you want to edit. >> MailData >> Signatures >> file ending with .mailsignature

  6. Add your HTML Signature

    html code

    Open the email signature files in TextEdit, find the signature you want to edit.

    Remove all unnecessary code (everything in-between the opening and closing body tags), adding your HTML signature file between the opening and closing body tags, illustrated in the image above.

  7. Lock, Save, Quit Apple Mail

    lock file

    Lock the file (the lock option is at the top of the text edit window) + press Save.

    Open your Apple Mail application and test to see how it works.

Re-open Apple Mail and test your signature.

These steps do not carry over if you are using iCloud. You will need to redo these steps on each of your apple computers.

One of the best ways to stand out in your email inbox is by adding an HTML signature. This will help you get noticed while also giving people a better idea about who you are and what your business does.

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding how to add an HTML email signature. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!