How-to: Add an HTML signature in Apple Mail

How-to: Add an HTML signature in Apple Mail

Here is how to add an HTML email signature:

Under Mail >> Preferences

Create an empty Signature

Turn off / Close Apple Mail

In the Finder Navigation (top of screen), click on Go, while pressing "Option"; Library will appear. Clicking on the Library list item.

In the Library folder, click on Mail >>V7 (or V8 depending on your OS version) >> MailData >> Signatures >> file ending with .mailsignature

Open in Textedit

mailsignature file

Remove unnecessary code, adding your HTML signature file between the opening and closing <body> tags.

placeholder signature file
html code

Save + Lock the file. Quit apple mail

create an html file

Re-open Apple Mail and test your signature.

These steps do not carry over if you are using icloud. You will need to redo these steps on each of your apple computers.